Sunday, 4th of December 2005 at 08:34:19 PM

The Pope is German...

…………………and me now too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Horray … I am a german “Kraut” (1) now. Horray!!!!!!
Sono “Crucco” (2) finalmente!

For my memoirs: On December 3rd 2005 I received the German citizenship.

For me this is a big and nice thing. Since my birth I am living as Italian (son of emigrants) in Germany. I still remember how I was called a “Spaghetti” (3) in primary school and felt ashamed to be different,… not to be German …

(1),(2),(3) for explanation I found this very useful list of Offensive terms sorted by nationality

Of course soon things changed when we got history lessons in middle school, and then I no longer wanted to be German. But growing up and paying so many taxes here the wish to get acceptance by having the german nationality still lurked. I didn’t apply for it, because I would have had to abandon my Italian citizenship.

Beginning of this year, the ultra-conservative bavarian government approved a law which allows the double citizenship under certain conditions. (In other parts of Germany the law was valid already for quite a while.) After hearing this I immediately applied for naturalization. Yesterday I received a letter with congratulation: I was accepted.

My nationality now: Italo-German-European.

Unfortunately too late for the German elections which took place 18th of September 2005.

I am sure with my vote the unlucky “Grand coalition” of the two major german parties, could have been prevented. I could have made the difference, … so I just say: “Germany take the consequences now”.

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Thursday, 9th of February 2006 at 10:09:25 PM

Carnet de Voyage Day 3: Sun January 29 2006

This Sunday morning I woke up with an incredible headache. I forgot to tell: The day before in the supermarket I also bought two bottles of a Wodka mix drink. My smart strategy was to use that alcohol in the evening to better fall asleep and quicker overcome the Jet Lag by a wonderful long sleep. Didn’t work out! With pain in my head I poured the second bottle into the sink, and swore to drink no alcohol anymore (for some time). Needing immediate aspirin cure I had to eat something and went down to the Las Vegas Hilton breakfast buffet.
2 aspirins later, still headached I packed my luggage and checked-out: The next two nights I was booked for Flamingo Hotel on center strip. Day’s Plan for sunday was the first bigger tour with the car: North on I-15 to Valley of Fire State Park, and following the Northshore Road going south on Lake Mead to Hoover Dam. In total I drove about 160 miles on this day (256 km), a good start but nothing compared to what will come the following days. I enjoyed the Road tripping, stopped at a fuel station and checked out some beef jerky as a driving snack. In Valley of fire I liked most the petroglyphs of Atlatl rock, the Arch rock and the Elephant rock.

Elephant rock in Valley f Fire S.P.

It was a long drive from VoF S.P. towards Hover dam along the Lake Mead. Returning after sunset in Las Vegas, and after a quick check-in at Flamingo Hotel: I made some night fotos of certain spots I always wanted to photograph: This is one thing I never could do when I was with Christiane on tour. She would have killed me for every photo stop longer then 2 seconds. Mostly I am proud of the Sahara, Hard Rock, Frontier and Welcome Las Vegas sign photos. Late the evening I went Downtown Las Vegas to see the Fremont street expereince. After that I was ready for my bed in the Flamingo Hotel: nice view from my room on 21th floor towards the strip and Caesar’s Palace. Hopefully this night gets longer.

The Frontier Hotel sign on north strip.

See the complete Photo series of this trip on my Homepage

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Saturday, 25th of February 2006 at 11:25:24 AM

I won a 2006 Soccer World Cup ticket

Unbelievable but true. Today I got an Email from the FIFA worldcup organisation that I had won in the ticket optionee programm, where I had participated last year in November. In the meantime I had lost in both ticket lotteries and had no hope left, to see a game live in the stadium. The first time after 32 years having the soccer world cup again in Germany this was very unlucky. So much the better getting this notification right now: The good thing: Its a soccer game here in munich in the new Allianz Arena in the best price category of 100 Euro. The bad news: Its only Tunisia against Saudi Arabia. But its better than Cote d’Ivoire against Serbia Montenegro (I hope).

If somebody desperately would like to see this game:
14th June 2006
location: Munich 18.00
game #16 Tunisia – Saudi Arabia
Price Category 1 (100,- Euro)

and has tickets for some other games like Italy, Germany, Brasil, Argentinia, Spain, … (I would say everything beside Tunisia and S.A.)
I am willing to exchange.

Email notification from FIFA

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Monday, 13th of March 2006 at 07:34:16 PM

Neverending Snow in Munich

Last sunday we had one of the worst blizzards in Munichs history (it was snowing for 24 hours and sunday morning we had about 1/2 meter of fresh snow). Unfortunately it was our turn to remove the snow from our house sidewalks. After 1 h shoveling snow away we had some funny relax on our selfmade snow mountains.

Christiane relaxing in the snow.

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Monday, 5th of June 2006 at 07:07:40 PM

German forbiddance madness

Germans are known for Beer, correctness and perfectionism. I found this sign little bit exaggerated,but very funny…

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