Wednesday, 11th of February 2015 at 11:23:57 AM

take pride in your fears







I bought this postcard at Munich airport on my February 2015 flight to USA. I was travelling with lots of fear for my 3 day hike in remote Canyonlands Needles district. The card reflected my Motivation: despite your fears – Just do it. The design is from German artist Julia Schongauer. There is  a whole series of this stile of cards/illustrations and all are pretty heart warming, beautiful and  admirabe. Have a look here: Juju’s Delivery



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Sunday, 16th of June 2013 at 09:52:09 PM

Bike tour South of Munich

My sunday bike tour is inspired by Moser Bike Guide Vol.7 tour 12. It is a 60km loop bike ride south of Munich touching landmarks of Deininger Weiher – Gaisental -Kloster Schäftlarn – Isar – Grosshesseloher Brücke.

the fotos are in chronological order. (Notte for myself: … Have to eat again the Plum Knoedel in vanillasauce at Moastery of Schäftlarn – good combo with Franziskaner Wheat beer :-).

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Thursday, 13th of June 2013 at 10:02:53 PM

Hike to Mt. Heidachstellwand 2192 m (7191 ft), Austrian Alps

My first home hike in 2013 goes to M. Heidachstellwand 2192 m (7191 ft) in the Austrian Rofan mountains above idylic Lake Achen (929m / 3047 ft).

A short hike, but strenous due to an elevation change of 1263 m (4143 ft), and still snow near the peak. We climbed from the trailhead at 923m height (3028 ft) in about 2 3/4 hours, up to 2192 m (7191 ft) .

The return we did from mid mountain with the Rofan mountain cable car. A nice experience was to see first time in my life wild groundhog’s. Furthermore little bit of chill to climb the little via ferrata.

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Saturday, 22nd of September 2012 at 10:43:28 PM

Collection of Desert Wild Flower photos

On my 2011 South-Utah Northern Arizona Trip I had the luck of hiking the deserts right after rainy springtime. I was amazed by the many colors and different flowers amid the dry and sparse desert landscape. It made me stop several times to take a photo with my small Ixus camera which I have always at hand.I dedicated here a collection of all these shots when hikingin the deserts around  Escalante (UT) Page (AZ) and in the Zion area. Sometimes quality is not the best but I liked the flowers and colors so I still added the photo to this album. Just click on the foto below to open the album.

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Sunday, 1st of July 2012 at 03:07:09 PM

my 2012 US rental car statistics

car #1: Chevrolet Equinox LT 2012

start mileage: 8960

5 days-1588 miles driven

pros: good infotainment

cons: didnt like the look and cruise feel

car #2: Jeep Grand Cherokke 2012

start mileage: 19528

10 days rent -1341 miles driven

pros: Coolest cruising-adequate off road capability-nice 3.6l/V6 engine

cons: very basic infotainemnt equipment

car #3: Ford Edge 2012

start mileage: 4971

2 days rent – 178 miles driven

pros: looks nice-best infotainment-great the Bluetooth Audio streaming could hear my iPhone music wireless

cons: weak engine 2.0l


My choice if I could select betweenn those three:

Jeep Grand Cherokee 2012

on the Cotton Wood Canyon Road

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