Tuesday, 29th of January 2008 at 11:34:39 PM

New Mexico Roadtrip day 2: Mon 28th Jan 2008 Zion N.P.

This morning I drove 2 1/2 h north of Las Vegas to the Zion N.P.. I had planed a 5 h hike to Angels Landing.  Unfortunaely it was snowing in Zion and I couldn’t do that hike. I drove up the Virgin river valley and took some photos.

Winter scene in Zion N.P.

Monday evening back in Las Vegas I took some more photos from less known spots.  Knowing I would leave Las Vegas the next morning. I photographed several Hotel casinos like the MGM and NYNY Hotels and Hooters.

The Hooters is located in Tropicana Rd next to Tropicano  Casino, opposite to MGM.

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