Friday, 1st of February 2008 at 07:59:38 PM

New Mexico Roadtrip Day 6, Fri Feb 1st: White Sands-VLA-Albuquerque

Today my destination was Albuquerque.  I had planed to make a loop drive via White Sands N.M., Alamorgodo, Carizozo, Socorro taking the 70-East. This Friday morning I had forgotten to fuel up, and  arrived with the last gallon at an Alamorgodo gas station. I Filled up and returned on I-70 West towards White Sands N.M. I had a sunny day for taking some lots of photos.


At noon I lunched in Alamorgodo. 40 miles east of Socorro I visited the VLA (Very Large Array) .In the evening: After returning from the VLA to Soccorro and turning on I-25. 20 miles south of Albuquerque with the last light I stopped for some shots at the Ysleta mission.


After searching for the best priced clean Motel I had dinner on Central Ave. (Route 66) Standard Diner.  I liked the food so much, that I retunred also on my second evening in ALB.  After dinner I walked thorugh the city: The Photo shows the KIMO theatre.

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