Sunday, 24th of September 2006 at 08:58:00 PM

Photo from sunday hike to mount Herzogstand at Lake Walchensee

 2 hour traffic jam driving from Munich to the mountains. 4 hours hiking. And another 1 hour in the fraffic jam back to Munich.  Nevertheless great sunny day in the Mountains. A good contrast to the day before: Saturday in the Munich Oktoberfest, first beer at 11 in the morning in the Schottenhammel beer tent.  


Late the evening after hiking the Herzogstand.

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Sunday, 17th of September 2006 at 09:49:57 PM

Weekend in Berlin for a Company soccer tournament

Spent this weekend in Berlin for a two day company soccer tournement. The first time that our company organized this event. We had no big expectations because we play only since a few weeks together occassionally. But nevertheless, we made the third place. Big success for our Munich team in foreign territory.


My team with me second from right sitting.


Our team watching the finale after winning the game for the third place. (I wear no. 8 )

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Sunday, 10th of September 2006 at 07:25:20 PM

Celebrating with 250.000 people and Pope Benedict XVI

Took quite some energy and time to convince Christiane to attend the holy pope mass this sunday morning in Munichs fair grounds Riem. 250.000 people were expected, by train, on foot and for example 2700 coaches  (unimaginable). I succeded convincing her and 6 o’clock in the morning alarm-clock interrupted our sweet dreams. First 2 hours (shower, tea, 15 min car ride and 30 minute pilgrim walk to the fair grounds) were like hell on earth (Christiane has such a bad morning mood when waking up early). I condemned me for asking her to come with me and wished I would have gone alone. But unbelievably It got a wonderful day watching the Pope Benedict XVI arriving with his Papamobil, touring the fair grounds and holding a 2 hour mass. Lot of sun and it got really hot after the foggy and cold morning. Despite the 250.000 people we arrived quite quick back to the car (after another 30 minute walk) and got home in time to start for a afternoon drive to Lake Starnberg, relaxing and sun-bathing in the September sun.


Christiane and me at end of the Pope mass (Pope still on stage, background left)

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Saturday, 9th of September 2006 at 08:46:45 PM

Bavarian Pope back in Munich

Big emotions today when the german Pope Benecdict XVI landed at Munich airport and all church bells welcomed him when the plane landed. Watched the welcome celebration at the Munich Odeonsplatz on gigantic screen. 1 hour later the Pope himself drove by the Odeonsplatz with his Papamobil. Thousands of People waving white yellow vatican flags. Waited 2 hours to see him for two seconds …

 Welcoming the Pope in Munich, Sept 09 2006

Pope Benecdict XVI with Papamobil near University / Odeonsplatz, Munich Sep 09 2006

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Tuesday, 5th of September 2006 at 08:01:42 PM

my L.A. vacation in January 2006

already thinking about my next year one week solo vacation which I always do in february timeframe. This year I visited Las Vegas and Los Angeles. Its nice to flip through the photos and remembering the road tripping. I am pretty sure to choose the states again next year for a short trip.  


Mosaic of my favourite L.A. photos from my January 2006 vacation.

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