Saturday, 23rd of February 2008 at 11:19:34 PM

My 2008 New Mexico Roadtrip photos now online

It took some time to filter my photos from my January New Mexico Roadtrip. I had shot more than 1000 photos. After several iterative filtering runs I manged to reduce them to around 160. You can find them here: New Mexico Road Trip 2008

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Saturday, 31st of March 2007 at 10:53:30 AM

My first time in Spain

Doing something the first time has always its own magic. Just returned from a 5 day trip to Barcelona. I had many chances to experiment with my new camera, unfortunately we had cloudy weather and little sun. Most I liked the Parc Guell and the Sagrada Famiglia, but also the Batlo Building and strolling around in the Gothic quarter alleys.

Barcelona from Montiuc Hill

Sagrada Famiglia seen from Montiuc Hill

More photos from my BCN trip here.

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Tuesday, 5th of September 2006 at 08:01:42 PM

my L.A. vacation in January 2006

already thinking about my next year one week solo vacation which I always do in february timeframe. This year I visited Las Vegas and Los Angeles. Its nice to flip through the photos and remembering the road tripping. I am pretty sure to choose the states again next year for a short trip.  


Mosaic of my favourite L.A. photos from my January 2006 vacation.

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