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USA 2015: Day 4 Druid Arch + Chesler Park

Druid Arch Chessler Park Loop ( 12 miles – 20km)

druid_chessler_beschriftet.jpgI had believed, that the night in the Jeep at the “Elephant Hill” parking lot, would be more pleasant, compared to the last two nights down in Salt Creek. But I was wrong. It got cold in the night and it was no help sleeping in the Jeep. Late in the night, the cold creeped into the car. But there was still a small  difference: at a certain Point in the night when it got unbearable, I started the engine, seat and the steering wheel heating and sat on the Drivers seat for half an hour to warm-up. I would not have believed that it makes almost no difference sleeping in the tent or the car, the cold seemed almost the same. I had a third sleepless night, freezing and dozing off again and again, wrapping myself up inside my sleeping bag again and again, more or less waiting for the dawn.

2013 on my first hike to Druid Arch I had arrived from Moab in the morning, and started from Elephant hill late around 9 am. It had been already noon when arriving at Druid Arch and the sun standing high. I didnt like the photos of Druid Arch, I had shot. My idea was – being here- to repeat this hike to Druid Arch and arrive earlier in the morning at Druid Arch, when the light was more favorable.  I had had two sunny days with blue sky down in Salt Creek. needles2015-0634.jpgBut after hiking into the morning I soon understood that it would be a overcast day and there was even possibility for rain. Nevertheless I decided to hike to the end hoping the sky would clear up. I arrived arround 9.30 am at Druid Arch. And after climbing uo to the view Point, I waited there for 1 hour to see if the sky would open up. But unfortunately It rather got worse. So I made no more than 3 photos and decided to return back for the hike past Chessler Park, which had exited me so much in 2012. Hiking for 90 minutes the skies cleared up and I repented not having been Patient enough and stayed at Druid Arch, considering it was perhaps my last time there. Around noon time I arrived at Chessler Park.needles2015-0705.jpg I was unlucky today with photos and too tired to wait here for the evening for better light. I decided to hike back to the car where I arrived around 3 pm. The night I would stay in Moab again. I took the experience with the cold as excuse to drive back to Moab and enhance my euipment for this unexpected cold weather. Driving down to Moab the sky got again dark and darker, and then even a snow storm came up. First time seeing it snow in the desert. In Moab I bough a warm Patagonia nano puff jacket, gloves, cap and a +15°C liner for the sleeping bag. In the evening I asked for a good Steak place and got recommended Susies Branding Iron, at the south entrance of Moab. I liked that Food that much, that i returned the next day.

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