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USA2015: Day 9+10 Bryce-Page-Cameron-Wutpaki+Sunset Crater-Flagstaff-Sedona

brycecanyon2015-1359My appointment to get the new tire was for 8 am at the Garage opposite Ruby’s Inn. So I would have time for taking morning shots from nearby Bryce Canyons Sunset Point. It was only 15 min drive and somehow funny driving to Bryce Canyon N.P. with the spare tire. I then went back to the Hotel to pack my stuff and drop the car for the Exchange of the flat tire. In the meantime, I had breakfast in the Hotel and checked out. The new tire cost me 200USD. But I was confident to Claim that back from the rental agency. I had reported the damage and they had given me allowance to Change the tire, considering None of their authorised repair Shops were nearby.

The flat tire had changed my plans. Originally after the Reflection Canyon hike I had liked to drive east, to the town of Green River and hike the 5-hole Arch (aka The Collonade). I had lost this one day and needed to continue south, towards Phoenix,Az where I wanted to visit my friend Alex.

I drove towards Page at the Lake Powell, taking US89. In Kanaab I had breakfast at Mc Donalds to check emails. The weather was very clouded  and it was looking for rain. I drove on towards Page, Az where I wanted to stay the night and have dinner at Dam Bar and Grille, a place which had become Tradition for me in the last years. It was early afternoon when I arrived in Page. Meanwhile it was raining. All the plans for some small hike or revisiting Antelope Canyon, thus became obsolete. I went for lunch, got a hair cut and my beard trimmed and then decided to watch a movie in the Page Movie theatre, close to my hotel. Afterwards It was right time for my traditional diner at Page Bar and Grille. This time the Steak was not as good as I remembered it in the past. That fitted well into this misscarried day. When I got to bed, it was still raining and  it was even looking for snow.

flagstaff-1492On the next day indeed a snow storm approached. I understood it would not make sense to stay in Page for desert Hiking. Thus I decided to drive south. I needed to be in Phoenix, Az the next day anyway. US89 south was still closed and I had to take the US89-Temp (formerly Navajo Route 20 – Note:US89 south was reopend Mar 27th 2015).

The day before, I still was considering driving out to Tatahatsu Point today. That would require around 20 miles drive on unpaved road. flagstaff-1477Arriving at the junction of US89-Temp with US89 South a heavy snow storm came up and it snowed. I decided, not to drive into the desert under these circumstances and continued south. After a short stop at historic Cameron trading Post, I drove on south. Having plenty of time now, I took the Deviation through Wutpaki N.M and Sunset Crater and ended up in the early afternoon in Flagstaff. There I stopped for a walk in the historic district, which I had not visited before. meanwhile the sky was again blue.

Where would I stay the next night? I had no plan yet. I needed to be in Phonix next day evening. Sedona was half-way to Phoenix and I thought that would be a nice place to check-out. From Flagstaff I took 89-A through Oak Creek Canyon, a very recomendable route, if there would not be that lots of traffic. I arrived in Sedona, checked in at a Hotel in the south and went for dinner. Later I understood why the Hotel rate was that high: The Sedona Filmfestival had just began, and my Hotel was Close to the main movie theatre. But the rooms in the historic centre where even more expensive.

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