Tuesday, 29th of December 2009 at 11:53:03 PM

Movie recommendation: Soul Kitchen

Just returned from watching Fatih Akins new  Movie. We did not hear any reviews before and did not have any great expectations, we were just wondering about the sold out theatre when we bought the tickets. We really enjoyed this film cause it had lots of Funny scenes a great soundtrack and great actors and a good story. I did not know that Moritz Bleibtreu performs so amazing. I liked most Birol Ünel  (haute cuisine cook) and Wotan Wile Möhring (mean real estate agent) and of ourse the attraction of Anna Bederke (waitress Lucia). Having not been in Hamburg  for quite a while we both got appetite for a Hamburg weekend.   Hamburg rocks …

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Tuesday, 29th of December 2009 at 09:55:02 AM

My “Top 5 Movies” 2009

Its become a ritual meanwhile to list my top 5 Movies here when the year’s end is near. I watched 49 movies in theatres this year  (not counting DVD ) and I liked most in 2009:

Revolutionary Road
Caos Calmo
Gran Torino

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Saturday, 26th of December 2009 at 12:23:26 PM

My new camera, a Canon EOS-7D

After long evaluting both the Nikon D300S and the Canon EOS 7D I finally was more convinced from the Canon. Having worked and appreciated for long to shot with a Nikon D80 this is definetly a change. Sometimes its good to go through changes, It gives you the impression to be dynamic and always open for New thoughts. Thanks Santa for this nice Xmas gift! After playing wth it I am really convinced the shift away from Nikon was the right decision. To be able to upgrade later to full frame Santa was clever enough to bring me also a 24-105 L-class lens. I believe I will stuck to Canon for a while …

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Saturday, 12th of December 2009 at 11:38:36 PM

Series: My favourite Comic Panels #5


from “Shenzhen, A travelogue from China”  by Guy Delisle

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Saturday, 12th of December 2009 at 07:45:53 AM

First Snow in Munich

Its always something special when you look out of the window and everything became white over night. The first snow is quite late this year but finally it arrived at our door. I am sure we will use the weekend for a nice walk in the white landscape.

Dec 12 2009: first Snow in Munich

View from our balcony: saturday  morning 7 am

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