Tuesday, 29th of December 2009 at 11:53:03 PM

Movie recommendation: Soul Kitchen

Just returned from watching Fatih Akins new  Movie. We did not hear any reviews before and did not have any great expectations, we were just wondering about the sold out theatre when we bought the tickets. We really enjoyed this film cause it had lots of Funny scenes a great soundtrack and great actors and a good story. I did not know that Moritz Bleibtreu performs so amazing. I liked most Birol Ünel  (haute cuisine cook) and Wotan Wile Möhring (mean real estate agent) and of ourse the attraction of Anna Bederke (waitress Lucia). Having not been in Hamburg  for quite a while we both got appetite for a Hamburg weekend.   Hamburg rocks …

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Sunday, 18th of January 2009 at 07:51:00 PM

Movie recommendation:


Fascinating how this movie succeeds in capturing you 119 min for the dramatic events and a timeless subject: Vacancy and Illusions in life. Impressive performance of Leonardo Di Caprio and Kate Winslet. For me its quite sure this will be the big winner of the academy awards 2009. I bet for 4 Oscars. The nominations are 22nd january. Fascinating how Hollywood succeeds also in bringing world literature to a wide audience. I would never had read Yates by myself, but after the movie I ordered the novel with my Iphone at Amazon on our way home.

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Sunday, 10th of February 2008 at 08:58:56 PM

Hot Movie recommendation: No country for old men

During my 14 day US trip I have seen 4 movies: The new Rambo movie, Juno, The Eye and the latest Coen brothers movie: No Country for old men. The last one (beside Rambo) was the one which impressed me most. I bet this one will get at least two Oscars. I have to rewatch it as soon as it starts in Germany. This morning I also ordered the novel from Cormack Mc Carthy on which the movie is base at Amazon.


This movie is really fascinating, disturbing, brutal, shocking, and full of great scenes.


Javier Bardem as the Psychopathic bad guy Anton Chigurh: He impressed and frightend me most. The movie end is somehow astonishing and unexpected. I first was disappointed but then I really liked and I think I understood why it should end like this. 

[In the movie I recognized the bridge from El Paso to Juarez which I had walked myself two days before.]

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