Sunday, 18th of January 2009 at 07:51:00 PM

Movie recommendation:


Fascinating how this movie succeeds in capturing you 119 min for the dramatic events and a timeless subject: Vacancy and Illusions in life. Impressive performance of Leonardo Di Caprio and Kate Winslet. For me its quite sure this will be the big winner of the academy awards 2009. I bet for 4 Oscars. The nominations are 22nd january. Fascinating how Hollywood succeeds also in bringing world literature to a wide audience. I would never had read Yates by myself, but after the movie I ordered the novel with my Iphone at Amazon on our way home.

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Sunday, 16th of March 2008 at 03:50:31 PM

Javier Bardem

After “No country for old men” I got interested in Javier Bardem. I checked out his filmography and found out that I already owned a DVD with him: “Perdita Durango”. I only own DVD’s of my favourite movies, so seems that he had already catched my interest earlier. I then rented “Before night falls”, and “Mar adendro” and was impressed a lot of the last one. Bardem fascinates me like once Benecio del Toro in “Traffic” but it got really quite on Benicio. Just yesterday I saw a trailer of his newest movie with Hale Berry (“Things we lost in fire”) but didnt like the trailer too much. Regarding Bardem I still have to see “Love in time of cholera”. Yesterday I have rewatched german version of “no country for old men”: Absolutely bad selection for the german voice of Anthon Chigurrh (Bardem) which does not reflect his cruelty and madness in the original version.

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Tuesday, 9th of May 2006 at 06:35:06 PM

Discovered brilliant

Very proud and happy of having found John Fante for me and by myself. I am still in a period of beeing fascinated by the biography and personality of Charles Bukowski. (recommendation: “screams from the balcony”-letters and “Born into this” by John Dullaghan). Sooner or later when reading more about Buk, you will come across John Fante, italo-american writer born in 1909.  I gave a try to his first novel “Ask the dust” (in German: “Ich Arturu Bandini”) John Fantewhich I finished this weekend and I remained very impressed and touched. Having been in Downtown L.A. 3 month ago, and knowing the places around Bunker Hill where the story in “Ask the dust” is located, made the pleasure of reading the book even greater. Ordered two more novels from Fante. By accident I found this information today: Ask The dust (2006) Written & directed by Robert Towne; starring Colin Farrell, Salma Hayek & Donald Sutherland. In american cinemas since 16 march 2006. No release date for Germany, yet. Frightening this coincidence. You think having found some rare insider writer and Hollywood just picturized and released the novel you just read. Definitly I will see this movie. 

For me Bukowski is an interesting and fascinating  personality, but Fante is real great literature.

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