Thursday, 22nd of December 2005 at 06:02:26 PM

“Munich” by Steven Spielberg

Little advertisment about this new Spielberg movie, because its about a very sensitive and political issue. Spielberg renounced the usual advertisment and promotion tour. Movie start in germany on January 26th 2006. As movie fan living in Munich I have to see that….
IMDB short description:
The world was watching in 1972 as 11 Israeli athletes were murdered at the Munich Olympics. This is the story of what happened next.

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Saturday, 24th of December 2005 at 01:05:20 PM

Review of the year 2005: My favourite Movies


list of all movies I have seen 2005 in cinema (not counting DVD).

My “TOP 6”  Movies 2005

1. Aviator watched Feb 21 2005
2. Garden State watched Jun 14 2005
3. Crash watched Jun 27 2005 Munich Filmfest
4. Sin City watched Aug 29 2005
5 A better tomorrow watched Oct 20 2005 Asia Filmfest Munich
6. A history of violence watched Nov 7 2005

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Tuesday, 9th of May 2006 at 06:35:06 PM

Discovered brilliant

Very proud and happy of having found John Fante for me and by myself. I am still in a period of beeing fascinated by the biography and personality of Charles Bukowski. (recommendation: “screams from the balcony”-letters and “Born into this” by John Dullaghan). Sooner or later when reading more about Buk, you will come across John Fante, italo-american writer born in 1909.  I gave a try to his first novel “Ask the dust” (in German: “Ich Arturu Bandini”) John Fantewhich I finished this weekend and I remained very impressed and touched. Having been in Downtown L.A. 3 month ago, and knowing the places around Bunker Hill where the story in “Ask the dust” is located, made the pleasure of reading the book even greater. Ordered two more novels from Fante. By accident I found this information today: Ask The dust (2006) Written & directed by Robert Towne; starring Colin Farrell, Salma Hayek & Donald Sutherland. In american cinemas since 16 march 2006. No release date for Germany, yet. Frightening this coincidence. You think having found some rare insider writer and Hollywood just picturized and released the novel you just read. Definitly I will see this movie. 

For me Bukowski is an interesting and fascinating  personality, but Fante is real great literature.

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Monday, 1st of January 2007 at 02:18:22 PM

My TOP 5 Movies 2006


1. Walk the line
2. Transamerica
3. Art School Confidential
4. Volver
5. Apocalypto

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Thursday, 27th of December 2007 at 05:21:29 PM

My Top 5 movies 2007


1. Death Proof
2. Departed
3. Protègè
4. Simpsons The
5. Trade

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