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my 2009 Asia Filmfest wrap-up

asiaff2009Sunday was last day of Munich’s ASIA Filmfest. It’s time for my wrap-up. This year I did not have a top pick like in the past years. From the movies I watched I liked most “Overheard” followed by “Departures” and “The good, the Bad and the Weird”. I disliked only “Thirst” and “Vengeance”. I missed “Beast Stalker” where I had already purchased a ticket but mixed up screening hour. I saw 9 movies in total. The atmosphere seems to get warmer and warmer from year to year and also the attendence seems to grow. Always nice the evening presentations where the organizers Manuel Ewald and Armin Schmidt talk to the audience and giveaway DVD’s. I won a DVD at the “Overheard” screening: “Sasori”. 8 days with more than 50 movies. My favorite Asian movie genre is the Hong-Kong Movie, especially cop and crime thrillers. I also like Japanes movies. Asia FF is a real gem  in Munichs cultural landscape.

Movie   my rating
Departures a cello player looses his job in the orchestra. he does not confess
to his wife that in his new job he works as mortician. academy award
winner foreign film.
4 out of 5
Thirst I tried him again and again after Oldboy, but now I am finished with
Park Chan-Wook. Did not like this modern vampire movie.
2 out of 5
Adrenaline Drive japanese delivery boy and teen nurse accidently get  in
possesion of yakuza money and start a ridiculous escape from the bad
3 out of 5
Endstation der
three german pensioner return with their korean wife to Korea’s
“German town” and try to cope with their exile life. director sun
hyung cho (Full metall village) was present
4 out of 5
Overheard complex insider trading thriller where 3 cops of a interception unit
get involved in bloody affairs. From the makers of Internal Affair.
5 out of 5
Shinjuku Incident drama with Jackie Chan in a serious role. epic story of rise and
fall of illegal chinese emigrants in Japan.
4 out of 5
The Good, the Bad and
the Weird
funny asia western with fantastic and spectacular camera views 4 out of 5
Evangelion 2.0 anime based on cult manga. Angels attacking the earth, only remedy
is the Evas which are controlled by childrens brains.
2 out of 5
Vengeance Johnny Holliday as retired ex killer revenging his daugthers family
in Hong Kong. boring and dilettantic shot scenes i fear I do not
like Johnie To too much.
2 out of 5

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