Saturday, 26th of December 2009 at 12:23:26 PM

My new camera, a Canon EOS-7D

After long evaluting both the Nikon D300S and the Canon EOS 7D I finally was more convinced from the Canon. Having worked and appreciated for long to shot with a Nikon D80 this is definetly a change. Sometimes its good to go through changes, It gives you the impression to be dynamic and always open for New thoughts. Thanks Santa for this nice Xmas gift! After playing wth it I am really convinced the shift away from Nikon was the right decision. To be able to upgrade later to full frame Santa was clever enough to bring me also a 24-105 L-class lens. I believe I will stuck to Canon for a while …

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Saturday, 3rd of March 2007 at 06:47:30 PM

My new camera, a Nikon D80

After years using Canon cameras I wanted to show myself that I am still flexible. Having evaluated for weeks the Canon EOS 400D against the Nikon the only arguments for the Canon were the price and the practice with the Canon camera settings. But when holding the Nikon D80 in my hands I immediately knew: It is  worth jumping into this new world. Just returned from the shop I am impatiently waiting for the battery to charge and doing my first “Nikon” shots.


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