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The 2009 Eisner Awards

2009 Eisner Awards Winners

Best Short Story: “Murder He Wrote,” by Ian Boothby, Nina Matsumoto, and Andrew Pepoy, in The Simpsons’ Treehouse of Horror #14 (Bongo)

Best Continuing Series: All Star Superman. by Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely (DC)

Best Limited Series: Hellboy: The Crooked Man, by Mike Mignola and Richard Corben (Dark Horse)

Best New Series: Invincible Iron Man, by Matt Fraction and Salvador Larocca (Marvel)

Best Publication for Kids: Tiny Titans, by Art Baltazar and Franco (DC)

Best Publication for Teens/Tweens: Coraline, by Neil Gaiman, adapted by P. Craig Russell (HarperCollins Children’s Books)

Best Humor Publication: Herbie Archives, by “Shane O’Shea” (Richard E. Hughes) and Ogden Whitney #Dark Horse#

Best Anthology: Comic Book Tattoo: Narrative Art Inspired by the Lyrics and Music of Tori Amos, edited by Rantz Hoseley (Image)

Best Webcomic: Finder, by Carla Speed McNeil,

Best Reality-Based Work: What It Is, by Lynda Barry (Drawn & Quarterly)

Best Graphic Album—New: Swallow Me Whole, by Nate Powell (Top Shelf)

Best Graphic Album—Reprint: Hellboy Library Edition, vols. 1 and 2, by Mike Mignola (Dark Horse)

Best Archival Collection/Project—Strips: Little Nemo in Slumberland, Many More Splendid Sundays, by Winsor McCay (Sunday Press Books)

Best Archival Collection/Project—Comic Books: Creepy Archives, by various (Dark Horse)

Best U.S. Edition of International Material: The Last Musketeer, by Jason (Fantagraphics)

Best U.S. Edition of International Material—Japan: Dororo, by Osamu Tezuka (Vertical)

Best Writer: Bill Willingham, Fables, House of Mystery (Vertigo/DC)

Best Writer/Artist: Chris Ware, Acme Novelty Library (Acme)

Best Penciller/Inker or Penciller/Inker Team: Guy Davis, BPRD (Dark Horse)

Best Painter/Multimedia Artist: Jill Thompson, Magic Trixie, Magic Trixie Sleeps Over (HarperCollins Children’s Books)

Best Cover Artist: James Jean, Fables (Vertigo/DC); The Umbrella Academy (Dark Horse)

Best Coloring: Dave Stewart, Abe Sapien: The Drowning, BPRD, The Goon, Hellboy, Solomon Kane, The Umbrella Academy (Dark Horse); Body Bags (Image); Captain America: White (Marvel)

Best Lettering: Chris Ware, Acme Novelty Library #19 (Acme)

Best Comics-Related Periodical/Journalism: Comic Book Resources, produced by Jonah Weiland (

Best Comics-Related Book: Kirby: King of Comics, by Mark Evanier (Abrams)

Best Publication Design: Hellboy Library Editions, designed by Cary Grazzini and Mike Mignola (Dark Horse)

Hall of Fame: Judges’ choices: Harold Gray, Graham Ingels; Voters’ choices: Matt Baker, Reed Crandall, Russ Heath, Jerry Iger

via The 2009 Eisner Awards: 2009 Eisner Nominations Spotlight Newcomers.

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Wave 2009 Day 9, Friday June 5th: The Flamingo Pool Day

On my last day I wanted to relax and profit from the sunny Las Vegas weather. I had a nice last Buffet breakfast at the  Bellagio and afterwards I returned to the Flamingo Hotel and exchanged my hiking trousers and boots with trunks and sandals and paid the 10 dollar fee to use the nice Flamingo pool complex. Unfortunatley it was quite crowded but I didn’t care. I found a comfortable sunbed near the pool which and enjoed the time in the sun with a novel, some Bud Light Lime and intermeddiate pool jumps. At the evening I visited my favourite Comic shop on East Tropicana and after dinner I gambled a little bit in he Flamingo casino. This time I lost 50 USD and went then to bed. The next day was my flight to LAX and from there home to Munich. Hopefully I will be back soon?

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Wave 2009 Day 8, Thursday June 4th: The Shopping Day

This day I had planned to have no plans and have a spontaneous day. I started with a shopping walk in the Fashion Show Mall. Hereafter I got little shopaholic and visited also the Boulevard Mall and the Meadows Mall.  I spent around 2 hours in each mall but did not really buy much.  Some T-Shirts at Tillys and Pacsun.  At the evening I did not know what else to do and so I completed the Shopping day by visiting also the Las Vegas Outlet Mall south of McCarran.  At the end of the day I felt like a woman. I had never had the energy and patience for long shopping tours before, seems that the hikes had trained me to master also this challenge. After diner I drove to Las Vegas downtown and did some further nigthly Las Vegas shots to extend my collection of “Las Vegas Neon Lights” photos.

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Wave 2009 Day 7, Wednesday June 3rd: The Subway Hike

On the hike at the wave Mathias and Bianca told me that they had been at the Subway around 2 weeks ago and had arrived too late for god shots at the tube. They told me that it is important to start early and arrive before 1 pm otherwise the sun would alread shine into the subway and good fotos would no longer be possible.They gave me also some good hints on marking the startpoint at the river with a waypoint cause its sometimes not easy to find the way back on the return. I got up therefore this morning really really eralier (around 5 pm) and checked out at the Motel in Hurricane. There was no possibility for a coffee so I drove directly to the Northfork trailhead which is 10 miles north of Virgin on the Kolob terrace road. I arrived at 6.30 am at the Leftfork trailhead and came to conclusion that this is to early to start the hike. So I used the time to drive some more miles north on the Kolob terrace road enjoing an amazing sunrise towards Zion valley mountains.  I was back at 7 am at the trailhead and started the deep descent towards the North Creek. As recoemmended I set a waypoint at the sign to mark the trail for the return. Down at the North Creek there was a trail on both sides of the river and I had fun to find my way along the river, always checking for a good place to cross the river and always avoiding to dirt or wet my hiking shoes. I was in a good mood and knew that I was early (7pm) and had to walk around 3 to 4 hours to arrive at the Subway. So I took plenty of time to search for good shots and I did not notice that the time was passing very quickly. At a big rock facing to the river I noticed a group of frogs and I spent around 15 minutes here  for some shots. Later I arrived at the cascades and the crack and spent at least 30 minutes again to setup tripod and doing several photos. When I arrived at the Subway I first of all did not recognize it compared to the photos i had seen. The subway is open towards the sky. I had always believed its a real tube. Entering the Subway at  acetain point it was no longer possible to avoid walking in the water. When I looked back the first time I noticed the light was not good for photos, and immediately looked at my watch: It was alread 12:15 noon. I had spent more than 5 hours for the hike. I had consumed al my tining advance and still arrived too late.  Of course I regretted not having checked the time more often and noticing that I got delayed by admiring the natures beauty along the hike. Nevertheless I took my photos walking the whole time in the water. I spent around 1 h at the tube. I knew that I had to drive back to Las Vegas at the evening (3h drive) so my way back to the trailhead I did no longer care about wetting the shoes nor did I spent long time to find the best point to cross the river. I didn’t care to walk into the water as the shoes were already wet. I had a quick pace and not photographing anymore it took me aonly 2 hours back to the sign which marks the climb up to the car park and trailhead. It took me another 30 minutes for the steep climb. I relaxed a little bit at the car and then my next destination was again the Flamingo in Las Vegas were I would stay he last three nights and relax a little bit.

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Wave 2009 Day 6, Tuesday June 2nd: North Rim

My short 2009 USA Wave trip slowly was approaching its end. I would fly home to Munich already Satrurday and my last big Hike day was planed for tomorrow Wednesday: The Subway Hike. Therefore my plan was to drive back to Zion N.P. and visit some locations on the way. I had never driven the old US89a so this morning my first target was the Marble Canyon crossing the  Navajo bridge and driving towards Lees Ferry where one has the possibility to come very close to the colorado river. I wanted to do also a small hike in the cathedral wash near the Balanced Rocks but I was to tired so I just drove to the boat landing spot where a group of teenagers where preparing their boats for a Colorado rafting tour. I returned back taking US89a , passing the Cliff Dwellings and also noticing the south entrance to the House Rock Valley Road.The access to Coyotte Buttes South and the White pockets. I would like to visit those locations sometime in the neear future. It was for sure that I will come back here again. I decided to take the time to visit the North Rim of the Grand Canyon, which I hadn’t seen before. So at Jacob Lake  I left US89a and took US69. I arrived there around 11 a.m.  After some photos and small hikes at the North Rim I drove back north towards Fredonia and further North leaving AZ , entering Utah, passing Kanab and took a last stop at the Coral Pink Sand Dunes S.P.. I had read that the beautiful rock formations around the Wave emerged thousand of years ago from Sand Dunes like those one can still see today at Coral Sand Dunes S.P. So this visit was still a tribute to the Wave. I had been here in 2004 with Christiane and we had already then liked the Dunes. I took the chance to do some more nice shots. The result was not very satisfying, it was quite windy and really hot so that the conditions were not great for photographing Around 3 p.m. I continued my drive taking the US9 west and passing the Zion N.P. once again. I stopped at the Checkerboard Mesas and near the tunnel and took some further nice shots. Right before the permit desk was closing I arrived at the Zion N.P. visitor center to pick up my permit for the Subway Hike. I had requested it via Internet. It was still early so I decided to check out how to find the trailhead carpark for my next days Subway hike. In Virgin I took the Kolob Road driving north and after around 10 miles I spotted the car park for the Left fork Trailhead where I would start early in the morning the next day. I drove than back to find some economic Motel for a short night. I found it in Hurricane where I slept for 30USD in the Travelodge, quite a difference to the nights before in Pages Marriot, but I dint care. It was close to the trailhead so I could start my hike quite early as i had planned it.

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