Tuesday, 14th of July 2009 at 04:49:06 PM

Wave 2009 Day 9, Friday June 5th: The Flamingo Pool Day

On my last day I wanted to relax and profit from the sunny Las Vegas weather. I had a nice last Buffet breakfast at the  Bellagio and afterwards I returned to the Flamingo Hotel and exchanged my hiking trousers and boots with trunks and sandals and paid the 10 dollar fee to use the nice Flamingo pool complex. Unfortunatley it was quite crowded but I didn’t care. I found a comfortable sunbed near the pool which and enjoed the time in the sun with a novel, some Bud Light Lime and intermeddiate pool jumps. At the evening I visited my favourite Comic shop on East Tropicana and after dinner I gambled a little bit in he Flamingo casino. This time I lost 50 USD and went then to bed. The next day was my flight to LAX and from there home to Munich. Hopefully I will be back soon?

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