Sunday, 12th of July 2009 at 02:04:15 PM

Wave 2009 Day 0: Wednesday may 27th 2009

My flight from Munich to Los Angels left 4:30 pm and very soon I remembered what it meant to fly around 10 hours in Economy. Fortunately I had an aisle seat and a very sympathic neighbour: Katarina from Ljubiljana. Some chatting and three movies later we arrived in LAX. I had watched Last chance Harvey with Dustin Hoffmann, The Gifthorse (Hilde) and the Reader. At LAX I had to wait two hours for my connecting flight to Las Vegas, where I arrived really tired at around 12pm. Once again back in Las Vegas which is always a good base for starting my Suthwest trips. Due to the many hotels its always easy to get a cheap accomodation. At McCarran Airport I had to select and pickup my Rental car at the Alamo desk. My choice was a V6 motorized Kia Sportage 4WD. This year was the first time I chose a 4WD due to my planned trips on the Cottonwood Canyon road and to the Wave Hiking trailhead. Another 1h later I dropped into my bed in the Flamingo Hotel on central Strip.

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