Friday, 28th of November 2008 at 07:24:20 PM

355 is dead

Just finished to read last volume (#10) of “Y The Last men”. Agent 355 was killed! This was really sad. Why couldn’t it end with a nice happy end. This is so tragic to see a wonderful romance end like this.

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Friday, 14th of November 2008 at 05:41:33 PM

Cindy aus Marzahn in Munich

Yesterday we had a funny evening seeing german comedian Cindy aus Marzahn on her Munich performance of her 2008 Germany tour. It was a long time we hadn’t laughed so much and I can recommend her show. We bought our tickets on Ebay cause the show was sold out since weeks.

Cindy in Munich

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Friday, 7th of November 2008 at 11:45:45 PM

FC Bayern München 2008 annual general meeting

After last years scandal on FC Bayerns annual general member meeting (manager Ulli Hoeneß attacked and insulted FC Bayern fans) I decided to visit this years FC Bayern general memmber meeting on Nov 7th 2008. This time no spectacular situations but still a lot of fun and the chance to see Beckenbauer, Rumenigge, Klinsmann, van Bommel etc. from face to face.

FC Bayern München season 2007/2008  successes: German Cup and Meisterschale

The JHV is also always a good chance to meet old friends.

Ex-Bavarian Prime minister Edmund Stoiber.

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