Monday, 30th of April 2007 at 07:20:48 PM

Beautiful Germany

Again a training hike for my Santiago trip. Today I walked 32 km  (20 miles) from my appartment in Munich to Höhenschäftlarn and back to Baierbrunn along the Isar valley. I took me 6 hours and 1/2 hour break. From Baierbrunn I took the S-Bahn home. This was really exhausting for my untrained old body. Nevertheless a good experience. I took the photo below at the beginning of the hike near Unterhaching.


canola field near Unterhaching, photographed during my hiking tour to Schäftlarn

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Sunday, 29th of April 2007 at 08:14:31 PM

Aiplspitze and Jägerkamp

Today Christiane and I hiked in the Spitzingsee region. We took the lift up to Taubensteinhaus and then we hiked up via Rauhkopf (1689m) and the challenging ridge up to Aiplspitze (1759m). Back down to the valley we crossed the Jagerkamp summit (1746m) and then 2 hours walking straigth down to the car park at the lake Spitzingsee.


Christiane hiking along the ridge with Aiplspitz summit cross in the background


Christiane and Lake Spitzingsee.

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Friday, 27th of April 2007 at 07:21:58 PM

Hiking tour to Mt. Herzogstand and Mt. Heimgarten

Doing some training for my June Hiking trip to Santiago di Compostela. Today I hiked up to Mt. Herzogstand(1731m) and on the ridge to Mt. Heimgarten(1790m) (in total 6 hours).


View from ridge walk near Herzogstand

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Sunday, 22nd of April 2007 at 08:06:58 PM

50 km biking tour around Lake Starnberg

Like every year we start our Biking season with our traditional Ride around Lake Starnberg. This sunny aprile sunday it took us only 3h20 for the 50 km tour.  Below some photos.




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Sunday, 15th of April 2007 at 12:33:07 PM

first hike of 2007: Baumgartenschneid 1448m

The sunny and warm weather in Bavaria invites for the first outdoor activities. Saturday I checked out my new hiking boots (a Xmas gift) and hiked up from Tegernsee to Baumgartenschneid in about 2 hours. It showed that the boots were about 1/2 a size to small and therefore I returned early to Munich for exchanging them in my outdoor shop for the correct size. The photo shows the view from the top of the mountain towards the chapel of Riderstein and Lake Tegernsee.  

Baumgartenschneid at Lake Tegernsee

view from Baumgartenschneid 1448m to Lake Tegernsee

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