Sunday, 15th of April 2007 at 12:33:07 PM

first hike of 2007: Baumgartenschneid 1448m

The sunny and warm weather in Bavaria invites for the first outdoor activities. Saturday I checked out my new hiking boots (a Xmas gift) and hiked up from Tegernsee to Baumgartenschneid in about 2 hours. It showed that the boots were about 1/2 a size to small and therefore I returned early to Munich for exchanging them in my outdoor shop for the correct size. The photo shows the view from the top of the mountain towards the chapel of Riderstein and Lake Tegernsee.  

Baumgartenschneid at Lake Tegernsee

view from Baumgartenschneid 1448m to Lake Tegernsee

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