Sunday, 14th of February 2010 at 01:51:29 PM

My First time in china

January 15th I left for a 3 week China Business trip to give a training to chinese colleagues introducing my last project now to volume production in our factory in ZhongShan, China. ZhongShan is located in SouthChina, near to HongKong . It was my first trip to China and I had mixed emotions. I even was little bit scared to go there following our western media and often negative headlines. Very quick I changed my mind. It was a great experience to see China with my own eyes and meet people there. I still need to recover so much from this three week absence from my home in Munich. I will soon pst more….including the photos. i had also a the chance to visit Hong Kong for some days, unfortunately I had very poor fotographing wheather.

Me (second from right) with my Chinese Training Class in front of our company building in ZhongShan, Guadong China.

Me giving the training …

With colleagues in a  nice Chinese Restaurant. Chinese Food is the best on the world…..(Me the 5th from left and right)

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Friday, 2nd of April 2010 at 09:58:28 PM

My second trip to China

After my first time visit to China end of January I was lucky enough and had the second oppurtunity to visit China on March 5th 2010. This time two weeks for work and I added another week of vacation, this time not to see Hong Kong but visit some spots in China mainland. Together with my colleague who also owner of a Canon DSLR we visited 3 days Shanghai, then we took train to Suzhou where we stayed one day. From here with the bus to Hangzhou and Westlake which we both liked very much. Finally another flight to Guilin to see the famous Li river landscape everyone in China knows from the backside of the 20 Yuan bill. We stayed 3 days in Guilin, and then back to work in ZhongShan.  

The chinese 20 Yuan bill with the famous Li River landscape at Guilin

Me with two cormorants on the Li River.

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