Sunday, 14th of February 2010 at 01:51:29 PM

My First time in china

January 15th I left for a 3 week China Business trip to give a training to chinese colleagues introducing my last project now to volume production in our factory in ZhongShan, China. ZhongShan is located in SouthChina, near to HongKong . It was my first trip to China and I had mixed emotions. I even was little bit scared to go there following our western media and often negative headlines. Very quick I changed my mind. It was a great experience to see China with my own eyes and meet people there. I still need to recover so much from this three week absence from my home in Munich. I will soon pst more….including the photos. i had also a the chance to visit Hong Kong for some days, unfortunately I had very poor fotographing wheather.

Me (second from right) with my Chinese Training Class in front of our company building in ZhongShan, Guadong China.

Me giving the training …

With colleagues in a  nice Chinese Restaurant. Chinese Food is the best on the world…..(Me the 5th from left and right)

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