Tuesday, 26th of December 2006 at 12:26:23 PM

New Holly Golightly Flickr group

Created a new Group photo pool with Holly Golightly photos. I uploaded all my photos from her gigs in the Munich Atomic Cafe. If you want to join, you are invited. Upload your photos too. You can find the photopool here Flickr-Holly Golightly.

Giuseppe,  Updated Jan 31 2009:

I canceled my Flickr account and deleted all photos there.
You can find my Holly Golightly photos here instead:


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Sunday, 3rd of December 2006 at 08:03:12 PM

Holly Golightly in the Atomic Cafe

Great emotions when I had the chance to talk to Holly Golighly before her concert in the Atomic Cafe. I didn’t chat too much, just asked for signing a CD and Told her I would see her the third time. I also needed to spell my name for her. I enyoed telling her every single letter of my name…

Holly Golighly

Holly Golighly

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Wednesday, 5th of April 2006 at 10:27:16 PM

Who couldn't fall in love with Holly Golightly?

Saturday we saw her the second time in the Munich Atomic Cafe. Last year we discovered her and her Music by accident and on a tip of Christiane. We liked her both immediately (Christiane alleges me to like her only because of her beauty, but its not true: I like also the music…)

Holly Golightly in the Atomic Cafe, Munich (Isn’t she beautyful? Exactly like her music!)
See all my photos of the concert on my webpage.

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