Monday, 8th of June 2009 at 05:43:58 PM

Back from The Wave


Me at the Wave Sunday May 31 2009

Just returned from my 10 day USA phototrip. Of course the Wave hiking day was the highlight, but I visited some other nice spots too. I will need some time to sort out all the photos and will soon come back with travel log and selected photos. In the meantime check out the photos here.

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Sunday, 17th of May 2009 at 07:30:12 PM

my next phototrip: The Wave in North Arizona

The Wave

Foto: Synnatschke

The Wave is located on the Colorado Plateau, near the Utah and Arizona border. The area is a gallery of gruesomely twisted sandstone, resembling deformed pillars, cones, mushrooms and other odd creations. Deposits of iron claim some of the responsibility for the unique blending of color twisted in the rock, creating a dramatic rainbow of pastel yellows, pinks and reds.

The foto above is from well known photographer Steffen Synnatschke who’s wonderful photobook/guide “Wonderland of Rocks” is a must for every USA Southwest enthusiast.


‘Wonderland of Rocks” Isabel and Steffen Synnatschke

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