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Arizona 2014 day 3, 4: Supai Village

I started at 5 am from my Motel in Kingman, Az on historic Route 66 towards Peach Springs, which I reached after 40 min. Then a road in northern direction lead to Havasupai Hilltop where there is a big parking lot at the trailhead down to Supai Village. The trail to the village is about 8 miles. I started from the Parking at 7:20 am. The trail leads after a steep descent into  a wide canyon which narrows slowly. The hije is very enjoyable and I did many phots of the canyon and the traffic in the canyon (Muli coming up from Supai with US post, backpacks and visitors)

I arrived at 11 am at Supai Village where I went to the Campground registration desk and got my badge and paid my fee.

Then I had lunch in the cafeteria, a Supai Burger. I also wrote postcards and dropped them in the Post office oppsite to the cafeteria. Supai, Az is the only village in US where the post is transoirted on Mulis. Then I continued the Hike towards the Campground passing at Navajo falls.

I reached the campground after 1 pm and build up my tent.I had the whole afternoon and the following morning to visit the falls and take pictures. My favourite was Mooney Falls, to which bottom i descendet twice.

On the next day at noon time I packed my tent and backpack ant hiked back to Supai Village. There I took the helicopter up to the Parking at Havasupai hilltop. A short 4 min flight. I had decided to use the helicopter, because on the following day I had a very strenous hike on the plan: The “Grand Canyon South – Rim to Bottom in 1 day”. Thus my next basecamp was Grand Canyon South where I had booked a room in Maskwik Lodge. I arrived at sunset and had time to go to Materpoint to see the sunset there.


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