Wednesday, 16th of April 2014 at 09:43:38 PM

Arizona 2014 day 9: Arch Hunting in Chinle

The 9th day of my fototrip I spent (Arch-) Hunting in Chinle, Az. I shot 6; Hope, Big Eye, and Window Rock north of Chinle, Az and the 3 Many Farms,Az arches (Window Rock, Strawberry and Tear drop),

Hope Arch

Window Rock, Chinle

Big Eye

Teardrop Arch

Window Rock, Many Farms

Strawberry Arch

At the end of the Hunt I rewarded myself with Spyder Rock in Canyon de Chelly

At the afternoon I drove from Chinle, Az to Phoenix. This is a 5h drive. I wanted to visit my friend Alex who lived and worked since a year there. I took  the 377 from Holbrook towards Heber and then the 260 passing Payson. It was astonishing to see the big Sitgreaves National Forest in that area, after having spent so many time in arid landscapes.

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