Saturday, 19th of April 2014 at 03:31:00 AM

Arizona 2014 day 12: The Wave

Yesterday, I had participated at the lottery for the Wave, which is held daily at 9 am in the Kanab BLM offices. Meanwhile due to the high popularity a whole room is used to execute the formalities. 98 people were present and had applied for a lottery and 10 permits would be availble.

I had the No. #18 and it was drawn as third number and I unexpectedly won a permit for the Coyote Buttes North Hiking area including the Wave. I had been already three times at the Wave and had already other plans for the next day. Nevertheless I decided to go. To big is the attraction of this spot. I shifted accordingly my plans and started the Hike with the first light. I had already enough photos of the Wave and thought about what to focus on. The Top Rock a above the Wave allows nice aerial like shots of the wave and the brain rocks. I decided to head directly to Top Rock. At 7 am I was at the Wave and at 8:30 pm on the Top Rock. At noon the weather got worse. The sky had become overcast when I arrived back down at the Wave. I decided to wait another hour but it got not better and I left the area. Weather looked really for rain.

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