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Arizona 2014 day 2: Alabama Hills + Trona Pinnacles

The Alabama Hills close to Lone Pine, was often used in Hollywood films as filming location. It is also known for its beautiful arches and the breathtaking laandscape. I drove up to the Hills in the dark and it was not easy to orientate due to lack of light or signs. But luckily I had GPS. At sunrise I wa at Moebius Arch, the best known of the Alabama Hill arches A group of chinese photogrphers had already occupied the arch so I had to wit for my turn.

Personally I liked the view after sunrise when all the shade on the arch is away more. I waited herefore around 1 hour at the Moebius arch.

Afterwards I hiked the small loop to see the other arches close to Moebius. Later I moved to other locations for more arches. My favourite was the Boot arch. All arches are not easy to find due to missing signs.

I used this landscape also for a souvenir shot of my Ford Explorer Rental. I had decided that the car is too big for me and I really felt uncomfortable with it. I wanted to return it as soon as possible.

After having seen all arches in the Alabanma Hills it was noon and I made a short stop at the  Lone Pine Film Museum which exhibits artefacts of many historic movies shot in the hills. I was surprised to find also the original carriage of Dr. King Schulz from Tarantinos latest Movie Django Unchained. A ffew scenes had been shot too in the Alabana Hills.

The next target was Kingman, Az. I planed my route so to pass by the little town of Trona, Ca to have a look at the pittoresque Trona Pinacles.

Then I had a long drive to Las Vegas and exchanged the Ford Explorer with a small Jeep Grand Cherokee. I felt immediately at home when driving the Jeep. Finally I drove another hour south towards Kingman, Az where I took a Hotel at the historic Route 66.

This day was a long driving day.

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