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Canyonlands 2013 day 15: The last Day

Ont the Last day I usually shop at on of Las Vegas malls. Mainly I buy T-shirts or sports shoes. In the morning I stopped on my way to the mall at the Fab Las Vegas sign to shoot a photo with my FC Bayern München jersey. By Chance I met Elvis Presley there who agreed to pose with me on the photo. He told me he is FC Bayern München Fan too,

at the Fabulous Las Vegas sign on south strip (with Elvis and FC Bayern jersey)

After the first morning shopping session I drove to my Hotel and watched the Champions League Final at the Sports Book Lounge on a big screen TV. It started at 11:45 am local time (8.45 pm London wembley afrena). Bayern won 2:1 against Dortmund with a goal in the 90′ minute.

watching the Champ League Final

After the match I went directly to the Hotel Pool to sunbath and cool down in the Pool. Then I went for a second shopping session at the early evening. On the way to the mall I went to the car wash, because the car had become really dirty on the different backways I had driven. Then I took some souvenir photos of this Jeep Grand Jerokee V8. The rental car which I liked the most up to  now.

at the car wash

the white beauty

the V8 5,7l engine of my rental car

After the shopping  drove up the Strip until Fremont street where I had a walk in the Old Las Vegas.

Fremont Street corner LAs Vegas Blvd.

Old Las Vegas

Finally I drove down the whole Strip again, with open window and enjoyed a last time the Las Vegas atmosphere on the Strip. It was a kind of silent saying Good Bye.

Good Bye Las Vegas and come again and again and again ….


Hiking Mileage today:  0 km / 0 miles

Hiking Mileage total:    166.2  km / 103.8 miles

curious incidents today: watching the European Champ League Final at the South Point Las Vegas Casino Sports Book Lounge on Big Screen. FC Bayern is Champions League winner 2012/13.

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Canyonlands 2013 day 14: Toadstool Hoodos + Transit to Las Vegas

In the morning I started from Page at 6.30 am. 25 miles east of Page on US89 north there is the trail head to the Toadstool Hoodoos of Lake Powell. I could not resist for a small morning hike to revisit them and take some photos. I met 4 US guys from Florida extending their business trip to see some place in Sout Utah and Arizona. They had visited the Whaweap Hoodoos the day before and knew also the Wave. That surprised me. But they were also surprised that I have been on those places too.

Toadstool Hoodos

I took my photos and then continued the drive through Kanab – Fredonia – Hurricane – St. George towards Las Vegas. Nothing special on the drive beside a group of Cowboys work with a herd of cows and calves.


I arrived at the Hotel in Las Vegas at 2 pm, checked in and went to the Pool to relax from the 5h drive.


In the evening I went shopping in the Fashion Show Mall and then for Dinner to the Wynn Buffet. It was  43 USD and quite expensive, but the quality of food and dishes convincing. I was tired and returned to my Hotel in South Las Vegas were I could not resist to invest 20 USD in gambling at the Roulette machine (the only game I know). Strangely enough after 30 minutes I had a balance of 258 USD and cashed out. A win of 238 USD and a free Bud Lime Light during gambling.

Winning 238 USD (20 USD input)

Then I checked at the Sports Book of our Hotel if they  quoted the Championsleague Final soccer match between Bayern München and Dortmund (Wembley Stadium). And indeed it was listed with 66USD for Bayern Win and 330 USD for Dortmund win (each at 100 USD bet). But more importantly it was broadcast on their  TV’s at 11:45 AM on saturday. My plan for saturday was settled : Shopping – watch Final in Sports Book area – Pool – Dinner .

Hiking Mileage today:   2.9 km /  1.8 miles

Hiking Mileage total:    166.2  km / 103.8 miles

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Canyonlands 2013 day 13: Colorado – Nautilus – Yelllow Rock

I had booked the 1/2 day Colorado River Discovery tour in Page. The tour started at 7.30 am with the bus transfer down to the Glen Canyon Dam base. That was quite interesting to drive endlessly down a dark narrow tunnel of 2 miles length. Due to the damaged US89 south the Raft tour had changed its programm. They not only drive down the river, but also bring the people back upstream with the rafts.

entry to 2 miles long Glen Dam tunnel

Down at the Dam base we had to wear hard hats until we were seated in the rafts. We started timely. A total of 7 rafts and approx. 8 people per raft.

entering the rafts

It was no real rafting experience because the Colorado was very calm. Right at the start, below the Dam we could observe several Great Blue Herons feeding their cubs in a nest high in a tree and fishing in the Colorado.

a peaceful Colorado river

We stopped close to the Horseshoe Bend for a small Hike to the Anaszasi Petroglyphs.

Anaszasi Petroglyphs near Horseshoe Bend

The Rafts turned at the end of Horseshoe Bend. It was possible to see the people up in the Horseshoe Bend Viewpoint from below. I visualized the turning point of my GPX track in Google Earth on the next photo.

GPX track of Colorado river turn point at Horseshoe bend visualized in Google Earth

We were back at 12 am at the Colorado River Discovery agency, and I drove to the Hotel for a nap. Afterwards I wanted to stay at the pool until Dinner. But after 2 hours it got boring and I decided to visit the Nautilus. It is a sandstone formation near the White House trailhead 20 miles west of Page which I have had seen promising fotos in the Web. It is a small hike only to  reach the so called Nautilus and I took some photos.


Nautilus detail from top

Being already near the Cottonwood Canyon Road I took the chance to revisit Yellow Rock, which is approx. 25 miles north of US89 on the CWCR. It was a spectacle to see the  amazing colors at the late evening light.

Yellow Rock on the Cottonwood Canyon Road

From the CWCR I drove directly to Dam Bar & Grille in Page where I had a fantastic Prime Rib with vegetables and garlic mashed potatoes. Afterwards back to the Hotel to write my day log and go to bed. Tomorrow the loop will be closed. I drive back to Las Vegas.

Hiking Mileage today:   7.3 km /  4.5 miles

(Petroglyphs 0.4 km / 0.25 mi +  Nautilus 1.8 km / 1.1 mi + Yellow Rock 5.1km / 3.2 mi)

Hiking Mileage total:    163.3  km / 102 miles

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Canyonlands 2013 day 12: Eggshell Arch and transfer to Page, AZ

I had late breakfast in Bluff, UT and then continued my drive to my next stop in Page, AZ.I had finished my scheduled hikes and wanted to relax 2 days in Page, AZ and a last day in Las Vegas, NV before flying back to Munich and continuing office work routine. After passing Mexican Hat the Monument Valley Buttes came into sight. No need to say that a short photo stop was obligatory. ‘I had visited Monument Valley before and just drove by.

Monument Valley

Shortly after Monument Valley after 10 days in southern Utah I entered Arizona, The Grand Canyon state.

Entering Arizona

I had a final Hike in my backup list: The Eggshell Arch. This one is located in Navajo land and I was not sure If I just could enter there. I had read different opinions on the net. But the fact that fotos existed of that Arch encouraged me to just do it. It was a 7 mile side road on US95 towards Page leading into Navajo land. After a few miles the road turned into a dirt road and I parked my Jeep where the road became too rocky and sandy to continue by car. Two Navajo people where working on their field and one of them approached me when I stopped there. I was nervous but told that I would want to do a small hike of 2 hours and photograph an Arch. He said OK and I started towards Eggshell Arch. Once again I was too late for good photos on this sunrise location. I arrived at the arch at 11.30 am. Did my photos and hiked back. The GPS showed a hiking distance of 9.6 km ( 6 miles). The Navajos had been gone meanwhile, probably for lunch.

Eggshell Arch

I drove another hour and checked in at 2 pm at my Hotel in Page. I had some food and then went to the Pool. Now it was time for relax.

Hiking Mileage today:   9,6 km /  6 miles

Hiking Mileage total:    156  km / 97.5 miles

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Canyonlands 2013 day 11: Needles District: Druid Arch + Chesler Park

Today I wanted to visit the Needles District of the Canyonlands N.P. I started at 7 am from my Hotel in Monticello and drove 1h to the N.P. Visitor Center. Here I got info’s for my planed hike. It was a very long hike with several elevation changes.  Druid Arch is a gigantic Arch which inspired me from the first photo I had seen of it. I wanted to see it myself. The hike to Druid Arch is a good possibility to get to know the typical Needles Landscape. Chesler Park itself is a must see for visitors in the Needles district. I started my hike from Elephant Hill, went first to Druid Arch and took then the deviation on the return to see Chesler Park. At the evening I wanted to hike into Salt Creek, but it was closed due to Quicksand. Thus I drove back and found a cheap Motel in Bluff.

Me sitting high at the hill opposite to Druid Arch

Chesler Park

Hiking Mileage today:   24 km /  15 miles

Hiking Mileage total:    146.4 km / 91.5 miles

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