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Canyonlands 2013 day10: Olympic + Tuku + Jeep + Corona + Bowtie Arch

At 5.30 I woke up, packed up the tent and prepared to continue the last ten miles of the White Rim Road. There was still one critical passage; The Hardscrabble climb, which gets impassable after rain. It had rained a little bit the day before, therefore I was tense. Luckily it was not wet on Hard Scrabble and I could manage this last obstacle quite relaxed. Knowing it is only 10 miles to the exit I could again enjoy the little challenges which the Rim Road provided: Stones, Rock, Sand, Drops Offs, etc. The road followed the Green River now and at 6 am the sunrise illuminated the sandstone in a glowing red.

sunrise on the last 10 miles of White Rim road

After exiting the White Rim road through the Horse thief Canyon switchbacks and leaving Canyonlands N.P. my plan today was to hike several less known places around Moab. First I visited the Olympic Torch, a small 1 mile hike at Moab’s Lions Park hills.

Olympic Arch in Moab’s Lions Park Hills

Then I drove 12 miles south of Moab to the Behind of Rocks recreation area to hike the Tukunivitz Arch.  8.6 km / 5.4 miles Hike.

Tukunivitz Arch in Moab’s Behind the Rock

Afterwards I drove again north of Moab to the Potash Road to hike the Jeep Arch. A 6.4km / 4 miles hike.

Jeep Arch at the Potash Road

Finally I hiked the Corona and Bowtie Arches, also on the Potash Road. A small 3.6km / 2.2 miles hike.

Bowtie Arch at the Potash Road

Corona Arch at the Potash Road

After the hikes I went to Moab to do a little bit of shopping and visit the Tom Till Gallery.

Hiking Mileage today:   20.2 km /  12.6 miles

(Olympic 1.6km Tuku 8.6km Jeep 6.4km Corona 3.6km)

Hiking Mileage total:    122.4 km / 76.5 miles

curious incidents today: After the hikes I visited the Tom Till Gallery in Moab. Furthermore I bought a water filter pump.

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