Thursday, 18th of April 2013 at 08:59:44 PM

Canyonlands 2013 day 11: Needles District: Druid Arch + Chesler Park

Today I wanted to visit the Needles District of the Canyonlands N.P. I started at 7 am from my Hotel in Monticello and drove 1h to the N.P. Visitor Center. Here I got info’s for my planed hike. It was a very long hike with several elevation changes.  Druid Arch is a gigantic Arch which inspired me from the first photo I had seen of it. I wanted to see it myself. The hike to Druid Arch is a good possibility to get to know the typical Needles Landscape. Chesler Park itself is a must see for visitors in the Needles district. I started my hike from Elephant Hill, went first to Druid Arch and took then the deviation on the return to see Chesler Park. At the evening I wanted to hike into Salt Creek, but it was closed due to Quicksand. Thus I drove back and found a cheap Motel in Bluff.

Me sitting high at the hill opposite to Druid Arch

Chesler Park

Hiking Mileage today:   24 km /  15 miles

Hiking Mileage total:    146.4 km / 91.5 miles

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