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Canyonlands 2013 day 4: White Domes (Canaan Mountains)

My plan today was a strenous hike up to the White Domes on the Canaan Mountains. I had seen a foto of those brilliant white Domes and immediately wanted to see that in real. The hike was very exhausting. 3h cimbing uo to the peak, a total of 11 miles. The first part of the hike was along the Water Canyon. Then began the strenous part up a steep trail leading to Top Rock. From there it was another 1 1/2 mile to the White Domes.

arriving at White Domes peak

White Domes

driving Smithonian Butte Backway towards Zion

I started to the White domes at 7.50am and was back at the car at 2:30pm. The rest of the day was the transfer to my next base camp: Escalante, Utah. A 3h drive. I had plenty of time and decided to drive the Smithonian Butte Backway. It was in very good condition but not very photogenic. I took the chance to visit also the Ghost town of Grafton and the Grafton cemetary which are located at the north end of the Smithian Butte road.

view of Zion mountains

Then the long 3 h drive through Zion Mount Carmel Highway, US89N and passing Bryce Canyon, taking scenic byway US12 and arriving at 8pm in Escalante. Hungry  from the exhausting Whitedomes Hike I decided for Steak dinner at Circle D Eatery.


Hiking Mileage today:   16 km / 10 miles

Hiking Mileage total:    41.2 km / 25.8 miles

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