Thursday, 18th of April 2013 at 08:46:42 PM

Canyonlands 2013 day 1: Warm Up

On my first day I  usually make some purchasings like Ice Chest (Walmart), soft Drinks, Water, Trail Food. I did this early in the morning because at 10 am I met our friends Karsten and his wife Zhen for breakfast buffet  at Bellagio Hotel. They are touring the first time USA Southwest and we had arranged this funny get-together. They live 1 mile away from me in Munich.

with Karsten and Zhen in the Bellagio Garden

After brunch I sorted my pack and went then for 2 hours to Flamingo pool enjoying Nevada sun. At the early afternoon I had planed a small photographing Warm up session at Valley of Fire Statepark. It is located a 1h drive North from Las Vegas. It was a good Occasion to check if my pack is complete, I remember how to use the GPS, test my new Lowepro backpack and my new Hiking Boots, and finally get a Feeling for the Jeep.


Arch in the Fire Canyon

photographing my shadow


I returned at 8pm in the Hotel. I was so sleepy that I just ate a Sandwich, drank 1 beer and went to bed and fall immediately asleep.

Hiking Mileage today:   6 km / 3.8 miles

Yant Flat (9.3 km) Hidden Canyon (3.5 km)

Hiking Mileage total:    6 km / 3.8 miles


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