Friday, 3rd of June 2011 at 05:22:29 PM

GSENM 2011 day 14: Ice Box Canyon

Hanging out quickly got boring so I decided to have another small hike in Las Vegas’ Red Rock Canyon. It’s fascinating to drive west on Charleston Boulevard and leaving within 10 minutes from the Las Vegas crowd into plain desert. The Red Rock Canyon is a less known and less visited S.P. 10 miles west of Las Vegas. The last time I had been there I had done the Pine Creek Canyon hike and this time I wanted to have a look at the Ice box Canyon. The Hikes in Red Rock are quite short, often 2-3 hours only. I started early in the morning cause in Las Vegas it was really hot already. The hike itself was easy but funny cause one had to climb over boulders and the Canyon got narrower and narrower. Unfortunately the waterfall was no longer there now end of May. Only two pools which required some climbing to reach them. I returned noon at the Hotel and relaxed the afternoon at the Pool. In the evening I went to watch “Priest” in UA theatre at the strip and again strolled around the strip.

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