Friday, 14th of August 2009 at 10:28:02 PM

vacation rituals

Once a year we are at our beach holiday home in south-east sicily. Its always a great pleasure to indulge in our vacation rituals like visiting our favourite rstaurants (Ippocampo, Veliero and Poseidon) or our  daily beach visits. But what is always a special ritual for me is cutting of the old leaves of my palmtree. Here a before and afterward foto of the 2009 cutting.

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Thursday, 13th of August 2009 at 10:49:20 PM

Jasmine Ice cream

Today night after dinner we drove 15 km towards sicilys baroque capital Noto where the most famous sicilian icecream  maker is locacted: Cafe Constanzo. It is well known for his speciality self made ice creams like jasmine, roses, mandarin. I knew already the roses and mandarin tastes and had the chance to try out the first time the jasmine ice cream. I really liked it especially because the jasmine flower flavor is the flavor which I personally most associate with sicily summer vacation. We also noticed that the restauration of the cathedral had finally finished and the view from the corso towards the cathedral invited for this photo:

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