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Y.S.N.P 2012 day 14: Left Fork of the North Creek Canyon Hike

This was the last day of my foto roadtrip 2012. I wanted to close it with a classic hike which physically challenges me and which was on the way back to Las Vegas. The Hike of the “Left Fork of the North Creek” Canyon in the Zion Kolob Reservoir

is known to be a strenous hike due to its character of a obstackle course hike with need to permanently cross the creek, climb over rocks and hills and cascades. Roundtrip it was only 10 miles /15 km length but had a steep descend at  the trailhead and climb on the way back. I had done this hike before and thus knew what to expect. It is in located in the Zion wildernis area and requires a permit which I had picked the day before at the Zion Visitor Center. Thus I could start the hike early being at 6.45 am at the trailhead. At the trail end this hike offers a tube like grotto where pod holes filled with blue shimmering water and several cascades  offer foto oportunities. The hike in the early morning was very enjoyable. The June air was still cool. I saw around 15 frogs on the way crossing my path. I arrived at 10.30 am having spent some 45 minutes with fotographing a Crack filled with water passing at high speed in it and several cascades. But the sun was yet not up so the fotos were not nice. At the trailhead on the other side the sun light had already entered the grotto and thus there too no good fotos could be made. I stayed for around 90 minutes and then returned in the hot June sun in a lovely but exhausting hike. Working through the bushes I scrathed arms, legs and my head. Some bittersweet short-dated souvenirs from my trip. I was back at the car park at 3.30 pm from where I drove back to Las Vegas checking in to my Hotel at 7 pm.

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