Friday, 1st of June 2012 at 03:41:30 PM

Yellowstone 2012 day 0: Munich-Philadelphia-Chicago-Salt Lake City-Malad, Idaho

US Airways had changed my 1 Stop Flight  into a 2  Stop Flight leaving me no choice. It was a long day and I hopped through four US  states. Especially annoying waiting 1h on the airfield of the Philadelphia airport, in a queue of 20 planes, due to changed wheather conditions. I risked to loose my connection in Chicago. I had 30 minutes to change planes and it worked out. In Salt Lake City another disappointment, insteaf of my desired Jeep Grand Cherookee I got only a Chevrolet Equinox. Finally I drove another 100 miles to Malad, Idaho where I picked a cheap Motel at 2am in the night. The highlight was the movie I watched on the Intercontinental flight: “Ides of march” with Ryan Goosling and George Clooney.

Here a fot of my Rental car:

I will be only 4 days in Yellowstone N.P. Afterwards will go back to the red rocks, deserts, canyons, gulches, … But i will name this travel-log Yellowstone 2012

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