Saturday, 29th of September 2007 at 09:13:02 PM

Some notes to myself

Due to an unexpected bussinesstrip to Asia, birthdays and weekend short vacation I am much in delay on my Blog. I had so many things I wanted to log here and still didnt find time. And the more things I had in the queue the more i got blocked to write. So here a list what I need to write down later:

– finish my daily blog of the Santiago de Compostella 190km walk (daily notes during the walk)

-my first time in Las Palmas Gran Canaria to relax my feet from the Santiago 190km Hile

-blog entry about the totally unexpected  birthday surprise party I got to my birthday on June.

-my first trip to Asia: Penang/Malaysia due to a training I had to give to my malaysian colleagues

– my birthday present to Christiane: A weekend trip to Velden at the Lake Wörthersee  in Austria

Hopefully this list will help to stop my total blogging block and I can continue blogging independent of the missing chapters above. Of course I will add some photos to the blog entries mentioned above.

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Wednesday, 12th of September 2007 at 04:42:31 PM

portrait studies

Portrait photography is out of my interest. Nevertheless recently I made some trials, but I was not really satisfied with the result. Seems that I need more practice. I will give it a new try. Here some resulkts.


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