Sunday, 15th of August 2010 at 08:29:44 PM

Red River

Can highly recommend this wonderful chinese movie. This was the best movie I watched during my Sicily 2010 vacation.

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Sunday, 5th of September 2010 at 08:23:38 PM

IP Man 2 @ Fantasy Filmfest Munich

Finally a great pick at the FFF Munich. I really enjoyed the second part of IP Man. I even liked it more than than Part 1 which was great too. Great and cool actor Donnie Yen as IP Man. I know him also from 14 Blades and Bodygurads and Assains, both great DVDs i bought on my last China trip.

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Monday, 1st of November 2010 at 02:37:40 PM

El secreto de sus ojos

I am sure this is the movie which will receive my “best movie of the year” label. A double lovestory, thriller , funny , touching with a surprising end. Fantastic story presented in a mixture of present and retrospective scenes. Highly recommend!

El secreto de sus ojos

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Monday, 27th of December 2010 at 01:09:43 PM

My “Top 5 Movies” 2010

El secreto des sus ojos
IP Man 2
fish tank
yo tambien

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Thursday, 7th of July 2011 at 07:15:54 PM

my “munich filmfest 2011” highlights

From the 14 movies I had seen my top 3 movies are:

(High Risk to buy the DVD/Bluray)

1. Blue Valentine

2. The Yellow Sea

3. Aftershock

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