Tuesday, 5th of June 2012 at 08:48:31 AM

Yellowstone 2012 day 3: driving the complete figure “8”

Today I visited the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone. First the South Rim Road with it’s Upper Fall at Tom’s Lookout and then the Artists Point with the amazing view of the canyon and the lower fall.

I spent some time at artists point to catch the rainbow which is known to be visible at the Lower Fall around 9am. Afterwards I drove and visited all viewpoints of the North Rim road. Lookout Point is the one I liked most. Then I drove back to Old Faithful area to revisit Grand Prismatic Spring and then the Morning Glory Pool. On the way to Morning Glory Pool I was lucky to see the Laakeview Geysir erupt. Afterwards I went to Yellowstone Lake to visit Fisher Bridge, the Les Hardes Rapids with the jumping trouts and hereafter the Mud Volcano area (I did not like that). Finally I decided to do some wildlife watching and drive again the Dunraven Pass and close the loop through Tower Junction towards Mamoth Hotsprings and then back to West Yellowstone.

Todays drive visualized through my GPS log:



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