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3 volcanos in 2 days fototrip

I had had always this desire to see Sicily’s most known attraction, the Mt. Etna volcano in volcanic activity. It frequently is active for a few days in the year and the week before my arrival It had errupted but only for a 1 day. It never was active during my visits. On this visit I decided to increase the chances to see a volcano eruption by visiting all 3 volcanos on Sicly. To give it some fun the idea was to visit 3 volcanos in 2 days: Mt. Etna on main Sicily Island and Volcano and Stromboli – part of the Aeolian Islands.

GPS Log of my tour (Garmin GPSMAP 64S)

I started on a monday morning driving up via Nicolosi to Mt. Etna South. One can drive up with the own car up to the  1900 m elevated Rifugio Sapienza. There a lift brings the tourist for 30 Euro up to 2500m. Finally, for another 30 Euro, a Off-Road High Clearance bus brings you up to the peak craters at 3000 m – a adventurous drive. Before driving up to the peak craters I hiked the silvestri craters down at Rifugio Sapienza.

Silvestri Craters from 1998 and 2002 eruptions

Driving up to the Peak craters

I continued towards the highway and in northern direction to the city of Milazzo where the ferries to the Aeolian Islands depart. I wanted to climb up to Vulcano craters on Vulcano Island on the same evening.

Last view of Mt. Etna when entering Highway

I took a speed boat at 4pm and checked in at my Hotel on Vulcano around 5pm, waiting for the fresh evening to hike up to the crater.

View from Hotel to the Vulcano crater

It is a easy 1 hour hike. It gives amazing views over the Eolian Islands.

Sunset at Eoalian Islands seen from Vulcano crater

At the next morning  the tentation was too high and at 5:30pm I again climbed up to the Vulcano crater to do some morning light shots and hike around the crater. Knowing my hydrofoil to Stromboli departs at 10.30 am, I had enough time.

Morning Light at the Vulcano crater

I arrived in Stromboli at 12:30 pm where I had booked a guided tour up to the peak, a 3-4 hour hike with 900m elevation change. Checking in at the hotel I got informed that all tours were canceled due to intense activivity at the volcano. First I was very disappointed, but at the evening I was happy to see what intense activity meant. Eruptions out of 3 craters every 3 minutes. It was allowed to hike the volcano up to an elevation of 400m – along the Schiara del Fuoco (Fire Slide). Especially after sunset it was a spectacle to watch the hundreds of eruptions. I stayed from 7.30 pm to 11 pm, being the last to leave.

Near the 400m viewpoint, but down at 100m elevation is the “Ristorante Oservatorio” where people can have diner and watch the eruptions. I stayed there another hour eating a Pizza and drinking red wine. I had done 3 volcanos in 2 days. I ended the day with a Granita at “Bar Ritrovo Ingrid” in Stromboli town.

The next day I visited the Island of Panarea and on the fourth day I made a Vespa motor scooter  round trip tour on Lipari Island. The Aeolian Islands had really impressed me with their beauty, diversity and remoteness. I was sure to return here soon.

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