Friday, 26th of October 2012 at 01:32:24 PM

Die Gruaberin

Schon lange nicht mehr so gelacht wie gestern Abend im Circus Krone bei Monika Gruber und Ihrem aktuellen Program “Wenn ned jetzt wann dann”. Total sympathische Dame mit einem unglaublichen Mundwerk und Kabarett-Komik auf höchstem Niveau. Hinterher saß sie gemütlich im Foyer und gab Autogramme und unterhelt sich mit den Gästen. Problematisch war die Ticketbeschaffung. Man muss schon auf Verkaufsstart früh morgens Schalnge stehen den Tickets sind in der Regel sofort ausverkauft. Ich selbst stand 1 h in der schalange am Zentralen Vorverkauf am Stacchus. Akustik im Circus Krone war leider nicht so toll.


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Sunday, 7th of October 2012 at 09:03:24 PM

playing with the funny tiltviewer

Just found this funny photo gallery viewer called Tiltviewer. Like it…. Click the foto below to have some fun.

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Sunday, 7th of October 2012 at 08:14:40 PM

Herzogstand Heimgarten Hike 2012

Like every year I hiked the Herzogstand Heimgarten loop hike, my favourite home hike. I started 6.45 from home and arrived at 7.50 at the parking lot near Urfeld. Exactly at 8.00 I began my hike towards the first mountain which is Herzogstand (1731 m). This is the most exhausting part of the hike cause its a steep uphike over 2 hours. Arrived there at 10.00 am. After short break continued over the rim towards Heimgarten Peak (1790 m). This is the most beautiful part of the hike with amazing views into the Alps in the south and the lakeland in the north, as well as to Lake Kochelsee and Lake Walchensee right to ones feet. Due to socalled  “Foehn” winds the visibility was extraordinary. The next part of the hike is an endless long downclimb from Heimgarten peak (1790 m) to the Lake Walchesee level (800 m). Finaly a nice last 5 km walk along the lake back to the car park for a total of 20 km hiking distance.

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Google Earth tour over my hiked gpx track.

Arriving at Heimgarten peak (1790 m) at noon. View to the north into the alps with the Lake Walchensee beneath.


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