Sunday, 23rd of July 2006 at 02:19:31 PM

Robin Hood and me

Its a long time  I wrote my last post here, but the nice and hot Munich summer has better to offer then sitting at home in front of my PC. Last week I had a business trip to Birmingham and I used the free time to visit also Nottingham, the city of Robin Hood. The foto is made by my colleague Antal at the Nottingham castle showing me with the Robin Hood statue.


Robin Hood statue at Nottingham Castle, Nottingham (England)

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Saturday, 3rd of June 2006 at 09:46:41 PM

Just returned from 10-day Sicily trip

Just returned from a 10 day trip to Sicily (visiting my mother). It’s unbelievably cold here in munich; It’s June and we have only 12 deg. Cels. I had 25-30 deg. Cel. in Sicily. Strange weather this year. When ariving at Munich airport you will see that we have soccer championship here in Germany: gigantic Oliver Kahn foto bridging the highway at airport munich entrance.
Oliver Kahn, the real No. 1 !
Gigantic Oliver Kahn Foto: Klinsmann you poor idiot: This is the real No.1 !

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