Monday, 24th of April 2006 at 07:33:52 PM

Trip to my friend Antal in Budapest

Last weekend I was for 3 days in Budapest (Hungary) to visit my friend Antal. I had promised Antal for about five years to visit him once in Budapest. Now it has become reality. I was with some friends or at least I believe they are friends. We had a great weekend and nice weather (27 deg. Cel.) and we saw a lot of nice things too. Budapest is worth a visit. I liked most the lunch we had with Antal and his family in the garden of his house in Budapest. All together we enjoyed the fun we had touring around and seeing the city and having some nice food and some beers.

My friends David, Antal, Maurice and Micha in front of the Budapest airport.
See all my photos of the Budapest trip on my webpage.

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1 comment to Trip to my friend Antal in Budapest

  • Thanks for the great pictures, Giuseppe! At least now I know a little bit more about your trip – since my BF was not very forthcoming…